Tequila Bay Boutique

Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Arrivals to our Baby Collection!

Introducing new arrivals to our Baby Collection!

Plush Friends

Cute and cuddly from head to toe, Zoey is extremely embraceable.  She's as soft and warm as the blanket she's embracing!  Zoey is truly the jewel of the jungle!  Cuddly-soft plush zebra, white with soft, taupe-gray stripes, pink ears, embroidered eyes, nose and smile, raspberry grosgrain ribbon mane and taupe-gray tufted tail, and Velcro on "paws" to hold blanket.

Pearl the Squirrel
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, plush Pearl the Squirrel is the star of this woodland wonderland! Playfully peering out of a knot hole in the tree-trunk gift box, Pearl is storing some sweet surprises for the new baby girl--a luxurious fleece blanket and a wrist rattle destined to become baby girl's feathery friend!

Jo Jo the Giraffe
Hugs all around when Jo Jo comes to town! Totally awwww-inspiring, this cuddly, creative gift set features Jo Jo the Giraffe--a plush, gentle jungle giant destined to be baby's new best friend! 

Jo Jo has his squeezable, soft arms and legs wrapped around a giraffe-themed, keepsake box in mellow shades of yellow, green and brown. Tucked tenderly inside, you'll find a sunshine-yellow, fleece baby blanket with an embossed, velvety likeness of Jo Jo in one corner and a special place for personalizing your unique gift if you wish.